High Vibe Health And Healing Inc

138 East 3rd Street, New York 10009, New York, New York County, United States

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At High Vibe, we are extremely selective about what we choose to sell and promote. Everything is carefully tested and researched by us – we don’t rely on advertising and promotional information when selecting our products.

Unlike most of what is commercially available, our products are based on live foods not isolates. This means that the natural enzymes are preserved, the molecules remain intact, and the nutrients are delivered to the body in the most natural way. We look for the purest ingredients, and we pay attention to the way the ingredients are extracted or produced. We compare brands and choose only those companies that offer excellent quality at a fair price.

We sell products that health care professionals recommend and use themselves, products that actually make a difference in the way you feel and live! Quite simply, we employ the same exacting standards when choosing what to put in our store as you do when choosing what to put in your body!

Our products and services are unique and attract an incredible client base! And ultimately, it’s our knowledgeable staff and personal service that set us apart.
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138 East 3rd Street, New York 10009, New York, New York County, United States

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